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Beatrice Area Retired School Personnel (BARSP)

Beatrice Area Retired School Personnel (BARSP) met on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 at Valentino's. After lunch, Doris Martin gave an informative presentation about the after-school programs at Beatrice elementary schools.

Funded by a five-year grant to help defrayorganizational costs, the program serves 65-70 students at a charge of $45 weekly. For students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, there is no charge.

The programs are structured as a type of day care, but with an educational focus that helps the students better engage in activities during the regular school day. The daily sessions run for 2 1/2 hours from 3:30 to 6 p.m. and follow a general sequence beginning with a snack, followed by recess and then homework or some type of educational activity.

Examples of some past activities include hands-on projects such as rocketry, airplanes, the solar system, animals and birds. Future plans include getting involved with the Teammate Project and its mentoring program. Career education will be also added to the activities segment.

Following the program, there was a brief business meeting. Vice President Merna Greer reminded members to log in their volunteer hours for the State NSEA Record.

During committee reports, Gene Martin of the Legislative Committee said there will be applicants for the recently-vacated office of senator for District 30. He asked members to be informed about the qualifications of those applying for the office.

Martin also reported that the Nebraska Legislature is doing interim studies on proposals important for policymakers. Of the 125 studies, two dozen are related to education and two with the retirement program and thus, they are of special interest to the members.

President Betty Brackhahn then announced that the next meeting will be held on Nov. 15, 2017 at Valentino's, and the meeting was adjourned.

Beta Sigma Phi (Torchbearer Beta Chapter)

Marla Weichel was hostess for the Sept. 28 meeting of the Torchbearer Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.

The sorority met at the Sled Shed for their program with owners Julie and Steve. The women learned mustard and ketchup aren't the only condiments put on hot dogs. Samples of the "Big Mac Daddy," "Chili Dog," "Reuben," "New York Style" and many others on the menu were enjoyed. Soups and crusty bread are also served. Two carts are available to bring tasty dogs, chips and soda to special events in Nebraska.

Members then gathered in the dining area at Sonic to enjoy root beer floats and hold a business meeting. President Linda McCall presided. Thank you cards were read from the Baker family and Alnora Daubendiek. Vice President Linda Lawler received the member certification form from International in Kansas City. Extension Officer Lyn Scheiding gave a review of Beta Sigma Phi. Service and Ways and Means committees will be moving forward with holiday projects.

Linda Lawler will host the next regular meeting on Oct. 12.

Cosgrove Music Club

Celebrating 95 years in existence, the Cosgrove Music Club met at the home of Carolyn Pugsley on Sept. 2 for a meeting featuring "Music of the Middle Ages." Program committee members were Masha Barr, chair, Twila Wise and Clarice Tegtmeier. Opening the program, club members sang "Of the Father's Love Begotten," by Aurelius Prudentius (348-4130) with Tegtmeier leading the group and Barr playing the one-line melody on the piano. One-line music prevailed with harmony being added after this period. In musical history, this song is called a "plain song."

In this age, prior to the 1400's, music was dominated by church ceremonies, but people of this era also made time for music at home and in festivals, and it was the most musical era ever. Many different musical instruments were invented during this time. Wise researched the different kinds of instruments and the introduction of notes symbols. The printing press was invented later in the 1600's. Wise put together her research in a booklet, copies of which she gave to each member. Barr then showed a video entitled "Music of the Middle Ages." The committee members were dressed in costumes representing this era.

An outstanding composer of this era was Hildegard Von Bingem. Tegtmeier gave information about this composer and played a CD of her music. Next, the members sang "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," a 12th century plain song led by Tegtmeier and Barr. This song was translated from the Latin by John Mason Neale in 1851.

Refreshments were served by Wise and Barr. The next meeting will be held on Nov. 6 at the home of Debbie Smith. The theme of the program will be "Renaissance Music."


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