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Downtown Beatrice still had intermittent areas of snow and ice on Monday after Saturday's snow and ice storm. The snow removal crew could not treat the roads until after the wind and snow died down Sunday morning.

Many Beatrice residents stayed indoors over the weekend weekend after the latest snow and ice storm hit.

The Beatrice Municipal Airport recorded 5 1/4 inches of snow on top of the three inches that were already on the ground. An accurate measure of ice could not be given, as it fell with a mix of sleet.

"When we have the high winds like that and the heavy snow, we are unable to put down salt and sand until after the snow comes through," said Jason Moore, city street superintendent. "If you put down salt and sand, all it does is it get covered underneath the snow. So we have to wait until the snow is done."

Moore said they were able to plow the highways and emergency routes, but couldn't work on melting the ice until Sunday afternoon.

"When we did finally have the wind die down, we had about three hours that we could apply salt and sand and try and get the melting going before the temperature dropped back down into the single digits," Moore said. "Once it gets too low, our salt won’t work. So we had a small window to apply the salt and sand and try to get as much melted as possible."

Beatrice is expecting temperatures in the mid-to-low twenties this week, with one to two inches of snow predicted for Friday.

Beatrice Public Schools used its last allotted snow day last week, meaning any more snow days will push back students' summer vacation.

Assistant Superintendent Jackie Nielsen said the school board also evaluates the number of school hours scheduled to make sure they meet the state requirements.

"I am not 100 percent for sure when the last time that we have used the three built in snow days," Nielsen said. "For a couple of years when I started, we did not have snow days built into the calendar. Having snow days built into the calendar provides us with a little more flexibility when making a decision. If we did not have them built into the calendar, we would then have to add on days at the end or make a judgement call based on the state requirement of hours that districts must meet."

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