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Beatrice High School’s assistant principal Philip Voigt started the school year strong in his new role at Beatrice High School.

Voigt was previously at Lincoln Public Schools for 10 years.

“I was at both Elliott Elementary and Dawes Middle School, at both places I taught for some years and I also did some instructional coaching,” Voigt said.

Voigt is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he received his bachelor's degree as well as a master's in administration. His mother is also a long-time teacher at Lincoln Public Schools.

“Teaching was kind of in our blood. I went to school to be a doctor and quickly kind of discovered education is what I wanted to do and where my heart was,” Voigt said.

Voigt’s wife is a Beatrice High School alumna, but it was not his wife’s roots that drew him to Beatrice. Voigt was drawn to Beatrice by what he called an “energy and positive-growth vibe” that he thought his skills could help push further.

Voigt said he saw Beatrice High School as a place where his service-oriented skills would be put to good use.

“Initially from that first interview I could tell that there was a special thing going on, both at Beatrice High School and in the town of Beatrice as well,” he said, “it was something I was interested in being a part of and something that I thought that my skill set could contribute to.”

One of the exciting parts about his job, according to Voigt, is that his responsibilities vary and he never knows what a typical day could bring him.  

As a part of the administration at Beatrice High School, he works with the other administrators to fix issues. Voigt interprets his job as being a positive person for students to talk to when needed.

An average day for Voigt starts early in the morning. He tries to get around to as many of the students as possible before school begins to greet them and ask them how they are.

He says he can get a good read if a student is not having a good start to their day. The administration as a whole set a goal to make sure that every student at Beatrice High School interacts positively with one of them before the day starts.

“I spend my day doing the best I can to support and serve every member of the organization,” Voigt said. “So whatever the need is in that moment, that is what I apply my effort toward.”

Voigt said he has felt very welcomed by the community and believes that so far this has been a great start to an exciting school year. According to Voigt, he feels that he was pulled into the support and this welcome has helped him feel like he can be himself.

“I was kind of immediately brought into the family,” Voigt said, “we’ve been really pushing our mission of one school one family this year, all of us are in this together and all of us are supporting each other.”

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