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Emergency crews gather outside a trailer home on Sherman Street near West Court Street in Beatrice on Sunday where two men were found unconscious.

A section of Sherman Street was blocked off on Sunday evening while police investigated a trailer home in the area.

Emergency responders were called to the scene just a little before 6 p.m. Sunday night, where they found two men unconscious at the home.

When Beatrice Police officers and Beatrice Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene, they were unsure as to what had happened, said Beatrice Police Chief Bruce Lang. One man was unconscious in the yard outside and another was unconscious inside the trailer.

Officers removed the man from inside the trailer, Lang said, and police and medical personnel did a sweep of the home, looking for hazardous materials, but determined that there were no dangerous chemicals in the air.

“Subsequent investigation determinied that both of the individuals had suffered a reaction of some type,” Lang said. “An overdose, for lack of a better word, to some drug that they had injected, possibly methamphetamines.”

Both men were taken to Beatrice Community Hospital, but one was sent to a hospital in Lincoln in critical condition. The other man left the hospital against medical advice, Lang said.

After the sweep of the home, Lang said, police received information that led them to a house on Ella Street where they executed a search warrant for evidence of illegal drugs. The search turned up methamphetamine and marijuana, but no arrests have been made at this point, Lang said.

No charges have been filed yet for either of the men who were found unconscious on Sunday night, Lang said.

“We were more worried that he might die from it, he was seriously ill,” Lang said. “We were definitely concerned that he might not survive.”


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