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A string of thefts from vehicles and vandalisms have the Beatrice Police Department urging citizens to maintain vigilance.

Through the end of last week, 15 instances of vandalism and/or larceny from a vehicle were reported to BPD, including taking cell phones, GPS devices, stereos and purses and wallets. In one case, a pistol, rifle and 20-gauge shotgun were taken from a vehicle.

Investigator Tina Vath said the police have no leads at this time, but urges citizens to be proactive in defending themselves against would-be thieves and vandals.

“The biggest thing is wallets or purses left laying on the seat,” Vath said. “That tends to be the biggest problem.

Vath said once a vandalism or larceny is discovered it should be immediately reported.

Many of the reports come from areas within the same neighborhood, tipping police that the perpetrators may be conducting crime on foot. Vath said neighbors should be aware of any strange vehicles in their neighborhood and look for suspicious activity including walking and running at odd hours.

A previous rash of thefts was solved after someone in a neighborhood called in suspicious activity.

“We solved just about all of our thefts from vehicles because of an arrest we made after somebody in a neighborhood called in suspicious activity,” Vath said.

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