Gage County officials are hoping a renovation project at the Gage County Sheriff’s Office will be completed by the end of the year.

The ongoing renovation is taking place in the west garage area of the building at Sixth and Lincoln streets. What was parking and evidence storage in the garage will soon be used primarily for office space.

Converting the garage to office space will eliminate the need for the current offices in the former sheriff’s living space, and bring the sheriff’s office into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which was the driving force behind the project.

“We had people falling on the steps getting hurt and I kept telling the board this is a liability for the county,” said Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson. “It’s going to 100% alleviate our ADA issue.”

The west area being renovated will be home to offices for the sheriff, record technician, receptionist and office administration, in addition to a lobby, restroom, mechanical room and visitation area for inmates.

Gustafson said public visitations will be held in the new area, while a separate visitation room for inmates to meet with attorneys or clergy will remain in its current location.

In July the County Board of Supervisors approved the loan bid of $232,000 from Lammel Plumbing for the renovation.

Plans to remodel the portion of the building began several years ago, but intensified after Gage County purchased the nearby Buss Stop filling station in 2017 to be used for evidence storage.

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