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Robert Stefonovich

A Gage County man was arrested near Filley on Saturday night for his third offense of driving under the influence.

Robert Stefonovich, 57, was arrested Saturday on DUI charges after Gage County Sheriff’s Office officials say his blood alcohol content was recorded at .182. On Tuesday, his bond was set at $10,000 by the Gage County District Court.

A little after 6 p.m. on Saturday, Gage County Sheriff’s Office investigator Matthew Ernst was dispatched to the Filley One Stop for a report of a suspected drunk driver.

The clerk at the Filley One Stop said that the driver of a silver Toyota pickup had almost crashed upon turning into the driveway of the store.

The clerk claimed that the driver came into the store and was visibly intoxicated. The driver tried to purchase alcohol, but the clerk refused to sell to him due to his level of intoxication and the driver allegedly admitted to the clerk that he had been drinking.

The driver then left, heading west on Highway 136 prior to Ernst’s arrival.

Ernst said he spotted Stefonovich driving west on Highway 136 near S. 66th Road and turned around in an attempt to catch up to him. After catching up, Ernst said he saw the silver pickup drifting into the shoulder twice.

Ernst activated his overhead lights, but the driver did not immediately pull over. He continued driving, Ernst said, and drifted into the shoulder another two or three times before coming to a stop.

Upon contact, Ernst said he observed Stefonovich to have droopy, watery eyes and slow body movements. Stefonovich admitted to having consumed some beers earlier in the day.

Ernst asked Stefonovich to exit his vehicle, and when he did, the vehicle began rolling forward, indicating the truck was still in gear. Stefanovich had the odor of alcohol on his person, Ernst said, and he declined to perform field sobriety tests, saying that he’d had some previous injuries.

Stefonovich admitted to Ernst that he did not consider himself safe to be driving and described himself as “inebriated.” Stefonovich submitted to a preliminary breath test, which revealed a blood alcohol level of .182.

Stefanovich was arrested and taken to the Gage County Detention Center, where he was submitted to a Datamaster intoxilyzer test that recorded a .140 blood alcohol level.

The Gage County Sheriff’s Office said that Stefonovich had been convicted of DUI in 2007 and a second DUI in 2009.


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