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Abby Stark does a little bit of everything as the city attorney.

Stark, a Beatrice native, started her job as the city's attorney over a year ago. 

Stark amends city code and takes it to council. She does paperwork for projects around town like the downtown façade projects.

She also deals with real estate for the city if they're buying or selling a property. The most minimal thing her job includes is criminal issues, but Stark said that for fairly minor offenses.

“Everything from making sure people pay their parking tickets to helping whatever company get a few hundred thousand dollars to do whatever project they want to do,” Stark said, summarizing some of her many duties.

Stark said that City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer has prepared her well for her responsibilities.

“He said ‘You’ll be doing a little bit of everything - you might do some transaction here and you won’t do another one for three years so you won’t remember it,’” Stark said. “It’s pretty much exactly how he described it.”

Stark said since completing her first year she feels that she has gotten a grasp of her everyday routine but still gets new things thrown at her, but that's just part of the job.

“I just expect it," she said. "I expect to be interrupted with something completely unrelated. It’s just normal now.

Stark considers her big accomplishments to be a couple of legal briefs - a written document entailing an entire case that is given to a judge and can be between 20 to 50 pages long.

“It’s not something many attorneys do that soon out of school,” Stark said.

Stark is originally from Beatrice and said she has lived in Beatrice almost her whole life. Since Beatrice has been her home for so long, she doesn't see herself leaving the area anytime soon.

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