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Teen Challenge helps women contribute to society

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Adult and Teen Challenge Women’s Center is a faith-based, long-term treatment center just east of Beatrice.

Since beginning to serve women five years ago, one of the core concepts has been community service.

“We want to serve Beatrice and the area community. God called us here for a reason,” said Teressa Barnes, Director. “We love to be involved in the Gage County Fair or volunteer at the church. It helps them, but it also helps these girls who may have never have had jobs.

“We exist only to help people walk in freedom, to help people live lives that help the community. But first it restores their life, their family and it restores generations. Giving back to the community is what we do in the form of individuals. Individuals can then be a part of the community.”

One of the first pieces of curriculum that is introduced to participants in the program is entitled ‘Truth vs. Lies.’

“We can’t be free as an island,” Barnes said. “Isolation is one of the biggest bondages that women face.

“As women, we are always comparing ourselves to other women and we get stuck in the lies that I’m not thin enough or smart enough or whatever the lie. The lie is that we’re never enough, but God gave us exactly what we need. Service helps us realize that we belong and that we matter.”

Marcia Link came to Adult and Teen Challenge as one of the first participants. She completed the program in 2018 and was working as an intern and at Beatrice Family Chiropractic.

“I decided to move back to Iowa to be closer to family, but eventually got involved with the same toxic people and situations that I had been before treatment,” Link said. I didn’t use the tools that I was taught to be free. I got my third DUI and called Teressa and came back. I feel like I’m walking in obedience. I’m blessed to be able to get both my jobs and plan to stay in Beatrice.

“When I first came to the program I was so selfish, but giving back taught me it is not about me. When you give, it does something to your heart.”

Bailey Beauchamp said when she came to the center she didn’t believe that she had a problem and didn’t plan to stay, but fell in love with it.

“When you start something recreationally, you don’t see it as something that is actually controlling you,” she said. “I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when I was ten. It was easy for me to start abusing those substances and others. It ended up taking over my life. I lost three career jobs and when I called my dad and he told me I need to come here. He was a pastor and had been involved in the program in Colfax, Iowa. I was so angry and didn’t believe I needed help. I hadn’t been to jail or homeless. I didn’t need this program and when I visited I was only doing it to pacify my parents.

“I was heavily intoxicated when I was here visiting and was in a serious car accident soon after that. I wasn’t hurt and walked away thinking ‘well, this is inconvenient.’ But they still had a bed open and so I came to Beatrice. When I came in I was hurting and I was entitled. I didn’t want to be involved in community service because I believed I should be served, but the more I served, the more I healed.”

Beauchamp is interning with Adult and Teen Challenge Women’s Center and works with the Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce.

Adult and Teen Challenge of the Midlands is rebranding and becoming My Sheepgate. More information can be found at


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