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Some concerned citizens are hoping to change the intersection of 19th and Dorsey streets after complaints that the intersection in northeast Beatrice is dangerous.

David Hellige, who lives northeast of Beatrice, presented his concerns to the County Board of Supervisors during the public comments portion of Wednesday’s meeting.

He also presented a petition with 36 signatures from people who would like to see the intersection studied. Seven of those people, Hellige said, told him they’d had close calls at the intersection within the last two weeks.

“It’s a dangerous intersection, especially when you’re coming up Dorsey from the west,” he said. “You can’t see down the roadway because of cars parked along there.

“Cars are sometimes picking up speed as they’re going out of town and you have to edge out to see around the corner and then somebody comes and wants to turn that corner sharp.”

Hellige asked the county to look into ways of making the intersection safer. Some ideas discussed included making the intersection a four-way stop, reducing the speed limit and reducing parking on 19th Street, though it was acknowledged there aren’t many parking options for residents on the street as it is.

Part of the discussion Wednesday concerned who has the authority to make changes at the intersection, since it involves city streets and county roads on the border of town.

“We really need to get a hold of the city and start visiting with them because it is a city street coming from the west and from the south,” said County Board Chairman Myron Dorn. “It’s a county gravel road coming from the east and a county paved road coming from the north… I know we need to visit with the city and get a better understanding of who has control or the say of what happens at that corner. That’s what we need to visit with them about.”

According to the police department’s 2016 annual report, there were no reported crashes at the intersection last year.

As discussions progress, Hellige said there are several people who travel the intersection and would like to see changes made.

“I think you’ve got quite a few people interested in something happening there beside an accident,” he said.

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