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Call 911, or don’t call 911. You have heard so many different messages sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. We obviously don’t want to tie up 911 lines with trivial matters when someone else may be calling with a real emergency. So, with all that in mind, I thought we would cover what circumstances 911 should be used.

The Southeast Nebraska 911 Center serves all of the residents of Gage County and the City of Crete. If you call 911 from any of the areas we serve, the phone will ring in the center and if you call the non-emergency line for any of the agencies served by the center. It will be answered by the same dispatchers who are responsible for answering the 911 phones.

How do they decide which phone line to answer first? This question is addressed by policy within the center. Emergency radio traffic and 911 phones take priority over regular phone lines. So, to answer the question, which line do I call, you must answer for yourself this question.

Can my call be put on hold or delayed in being answered? If it can, then call the non-emergency number of 402-223-4080, and follow the instructions from the calling tree.

If your call cannot wait then simply call 911. Examples of when to call 911 would be any type of fire, any request for an ambulance and all in progress requests for law enforcement.

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One question that often comes up is, should I call 911 to report a fender bender accident. My answer to that is yes, call 911. Using a calling tree with a cell phone can be difficult and we often want to get to accidents as quickly as possible for make sure additional traffic problems do not occur.

There are a few instances where 911 should never be called. They include asking weather information, road conditions, power outages and my favorite is, should I go to work in Lincoln today because I heard snow was in the forecast?

We have received these and many similar calls into the 911 Center over the years. If you need help, call 911 and we will send the appropriate emergency responder to you just as quick as we can.

If you are looking for someone to tell you it is okay to skip work today, I suggest you phone a friend. You’re going to need someone to hang out with when you’re unemployed anyway.


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