Dear Elementary School Parents:

Cedar School PTO is reaching out to parents of Lincoln, Stoddard and Paddock Lane Schools to address concerns with the school board revisiting options for all elementary school students.

Currently their suggestion is to disperse students from four schools down to three to allow room to expand preschool to 3 year old children.

This action, if taken, will adversely affect the quality of education that ALL Beatrice elementary students receive. We strongly disagree with this resolution and urge you to consider what kind of impact it will have on your child/children.

If you are ok with this proposal, you are willing to accept the following concerns:

1. You are satisfied with increasing student ratio per teacher.

2. You are satisfied with the school board’s intent to force teachers/staff to lose their jobs.

3. You are satisfied with the possibility of your child/children being assigned to a different school. (It has not been decided if they are restructuring the entire district or just Cedar School)

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4. You are satisfied with spending up to $350,000 additional dollars to attach a metal building with a breezeway that your child could use for a classroom.

5. You are satisfied with all of these changes affecting ALL elementary students to continue adding 3 year old children into the pre-school system, in which we don’t receive any funding for.

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Higher student-teacher ratios not only negatively impacts a teachers ability to instruct effectively and offer individualized attention and support for the students, it also creates additional challenges to adequately supervise students and keep them safe.

Increased class size may cause even greater numbers of teachers/students to leave this district because of the additional burden.

Wouldn’t it make sense to continue putting our best foot forward to demonstrate our successes rather than presenting an overcrowded classroom filled with new challenges. Or maybe that is the goal, over crowd the schools so we have no choice but to build a new one.

If you are not ok with the statements above let the Beatrice School Board know it! If they don’t hear anything from you, they could move forward with this change. This will be affecting every child at the elementary age level.

You can voice your opinion to one of the school board members and show your support by attending the next meeting which will be Monday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. a the Administration Building. We need to be heard!

Christy Moore, Beatrice


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