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I am writing this open letter to the citizens of the Wymore/Blue Springs area and also to anyone that calls the Wymore/Blue Springs area their hometown. Recently a group of concerned citizens from the surrounding southern Gage County came together with one goal. That goal is to revitalize our community. We have let our towns fall into such disrepair I am no longer proud of my community. My sons are embarrassed to bring their friends home and show them where they were born and raised.

Recently, my husband and I were in the communities of Atkinson and Stuart, Nebraska, for five days for our son’s wedding. Atkinson is the size of Wymore, and Stuart is the size of Blue Springs. We were impressed with both towns. Words that describe these communities are: Vibrant, clean, passionate, unified and alive. We visited with numerous people, listened to them and we also complimented everyone we met on how clean and vibrant their communities are. They talked about their community and what has worked for them.

Both towns are an Affiliated Fund under Nebraska Community Foundation. NCF is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization which provides financial management, strategic development and education/training services. Stuart joined in 2000 and Atkinson in 2002. Citizens of both towns acknowledge that you must work together as a community, be willing to donate either time and/or money, and want to see a change for the betterment of your town.

Our group of concerned citizens have decided to become a fund under NCF. We are called Wymore / Blue Springs Area Fund. Please join us and become enthusiastic about making a positive change to the communities we call home. I realize this will not happen overnight or in a year or two or three, but change can happen.

Our once thriving community is now plagued with buildings that were condemned in the early 2000s. We have dilapidated inhabitable homes and other homes that are occupied but are in disrepair with unkept yards. Please join me and others and let’s bring back pride in our communities. Please go to Nebraska Community Foundation website and read success stories from other communities,

Janice Cohorst, Wymore


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