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Don’t believe false information

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Regarding Ms. Rubye Stewart’s recent letter to the editor, “Too many scandals under Obama leadership.”

So much false information, “I hardly know where to begin.”

Fast and Furious: Previous programs involving ATF agents allowing guns to “walk” across the border so as to trace them, was actually begun under Bush. It was called “Operation Wide Receiver” and was first tried in 2006. Obama decided to start it again in 2009.

Next, Obamacare did not cancel insurance policies, the insurance companies did. Many were “junk” policies. They had plenty of time to comply with the ACA. The plan won’t be a success until 24 states, with Republican governors, expand Medicaid. But that’s their goal. They want it to fail. Can’t we all be happy that thousands of lives are saved? Isn’t denying healthcare equivalent to a death panel? I know many people Obamacare has helped. I doubt anybody can truthfully say they do not know anyone it has helped.

Then there’s the NSA: 2001-2007 (who was President then?) The NSA was authorized by executive order to monitor, without search warrants, phone calls, internet activity and text messages. Bush called it “Terrorist Surveillance” and we’ve had no major terrorist attacks since. I give him credit for that.

IRS scandal: The IRS targeted just as many progressive groups as conservatives who were applying for tax exempt status. That’s their job.

Regarding the border crisis: In 2006, Bush signed a bi-partisan law that instructed officials to process and give asylum to any child who crossed the border without an adult. Ms. Stewart said “Ship them all to the White House.” I say ship them all to Bush’s ranch.

Also, she doesn’t have a clue regarding the circumstances surrounding “what appears to be a deserter.” Would she feel differently if it had been her son? Plus, all these prisoners are going to be released anyway, when the prison closes.

Lastly, the VA mess, not because of Obama, but due to the lack of funding because “we have a spending problem,” and massive number of veterans overwhelming the system. This happens we we engage in long, senseless wars.

Her last comments were that the taxpayer “money will run out.”

Maybe she should question the fact that large corporations and the extremely wealthy do not pay their fair share of the taxes. Oil companies actually receive subsidies after showing record profits.

And yes, with all the false information out there, “We should all wonder what’s next.”

Don Schuller, Beatrice


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