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On July 26, 2016, the Saline County Commissioners voted to allow the Aksamit Resource Management company to build the first stage of a wind farm, with a proposed 37 wind towers, located in Western Saline County. Stage two and stage three will be voted on soon, which have 90 more towers planned to build. The homeowners in these stage areas and in Thayer County have not been notified yet. We were notified less than three weeks ago.

The stage one wind farm was voted upon quickly by the commissioners without updating the current zoning and planning laws that were put into place over five years ago in Saline County. The commissioners were lured for a quick vote by the possible future increase of around $400,000 in Saline County tax revenues for things like Ag Society use. No new up-to-date setback allowances for wind tower placements next to existing homes were even planned for or discussed before they voted to proceed building the wind towers.

This means that right now in Saline County a 442-feet wind tower, which is taller than the Statue of Liberty, can be legally built right next to an existing home with only a 400-feet setback, which is only about a block long. The wind towers can be built this close to existing homes even if the landowner is not a member of the Saline County Wind Association, has not signed any contract, and has not received any monetary compensation.

The Aksamit company stated they want to use their standard 1,000 feet setback, but that is just only around two and a half blocks away from any existing home site, and since you do not have any signed contract with them, they can build it as close as they want! The Aksamit Resource Management company is asking for a 20-year provision for the building of the wind towers in stage one.

The noise and vibrations from the large wind turbine towers can create health issues depending on the distance between the tower and the existing home. These may include headaches, anxiety, stress, depression, vertigo, and sleep deprivation, among other illnesses. This is unsafe and unacceptable in the year 2016!

The Saline County commissioners have put future possible monetary gains ahead of the personal health, safety, freedom, and rights of western Saline County residents!

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We should make sure a law is passed so every wind tower is built at least 1/2 mile away or more from any existing home, as stated in Wind Turbine Magazine, to avoid any future health concern lawsuits.

Hopefully, the planning commission will join our neighbor Gage County and adopt the same law they have, which states that every wind tower must be set back from an existing home at least 3/8 of a mile away. We need this hazardous and dangerous health situation corrected now!

Sandy Ellen Pospisil, Hallam


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