I am still laughing over the letter written by Darlene Scheidaler. It is a great example of why I tell out of state people that many Nebraska voters would vote for Adolf Hitler as long as he was running on the Republican ticket.

She mentions that James Dobson and Franklin Graham (who makes $1 million dollars a year0 both support Trump. It is clear that she is an extreme religious person when she quotes these two far right extremists who are only interested in making the country an extreme religious one with no other views allowed.

In their minds no one has rights unless those rights are their interpretations of a centuries old and quite possible book of fiction. I would only support their strict following of that book in modern times if we can also make it a law that all women now can only wear fig leafs.

The only fair make up of Supreme Court is one half conservative members and half the other way.

All unbiased fact checks show that Trump’s statements average 70 percent lies. The writer mentions Trump is a born again Christian. It should make her happy that Clinton has not had to convert to get votes.

Hillary, she says, supports Wall Street and big banks. Has she ever heard that Trump supports big corporations and personally has cheated as many individuals and businesses as he could get by with doing? Plus he says he is a smart business man, so smart that he lost $916 million dollars so he would not have to pay the taxes the rest of us have to. What a smart business man.

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The writer mentions that the president of the Family Research Council warned that Clinton showed hostility toward religious freedom. Isn’t that strange when that council has been named a hate group for being against individual freedom?

Her Trump pick has had several wives and affairs which coincides with the affairs of several of Trump’s outspoken supporters.

The Russians are only hacking emails of the Democratic party and not the Republican party. I hope she is comfortable in the fact that the Russians want Trump to win. I’m sure of course that the Russians just want to “Make America Great Again.”

Larry Kassebaum, Beatrice


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