Does anyone else have complaints about the parking at Beatrice Community Hospital?

I am 87 years old. I have difficulty walking I also have COPD and asthma. When I do walk from the handicapped parking space to get in the building I have to stop halfway and catch my breath. It would be nice to have a bench there at least.

When I do finally get into the hospital it’s still a long way to walk to my destination. I was told by my doctor I needed physical therapy. I choose a different place to go because of the parking, my doctor agreed with me.

I would have my wife drop me off at the door but she is 85 and it’s hard for her to walk that far also.

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I have been a patient at the hospital and received wonderful care. I have no other complaints except for the parking. I just wish they had better parking for the elderly and disabled.

I would like to hear from others to see what they think. Maybe the hospital could come up with some solutions.

Melvin Evers, Beatrice


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