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The Red Cross blood mobile was held on Aug. 24 and 25 at the Holiday Day Inn Express. we appreciate them letting us use these rooms for our drive. The cookies were donated by the Cortland Homemakers and the donuts by Casey's.

We thank them for the donations as our donors really enjoy them. again we want to thank all of the workers that come out and help each time. we also welcome the news ones that have joined us and we thank them and hope that they will continue to help.

With our the 35 to 409 volunteers that greet people at the registration desk, the ladies that serve the food and the men that come out to help people after they have donated.

To Joan Neimeyer and the ladies that call people to remind people of their appointments. With out all of the volunteers that help our drives wouldn't be so successful.

We appreciate the Daily Sun and Dave at the KWBE for all of the promotions that he gives us before, during and after the drives. We came up two units short on this drive, but hope that at the October drive on the 25 and 26 we can reach that goal. There is a need for blood every hour of every day. Needs never take a holiday.

Pins were awarded to the people that have reached another gallon milestone. Each time we have more people that reach another goal. This is very reward to have them receive this pins. Won't you please come and join them and receive the honor of receiving your pin and another goal.

Receiving one gallon pins: Joan Neimeyer, Melva Thyfault, Ruby Granquist, Jaclyn Kolb, Crystal Schroll, Rochalle Smith, A.J. Weise, Karen Probst. Two Gallon: Katie Jantzen, Pam Helig, LeAnna Jurens, Kristie Earhart, Three Gallon: Marjorie Huls, Robert Ferking, Sue Carel. Four Gallon: Erma Schlake, Five Gallon: Gina Weishan, Six Gallon: Karen Weibe, Arnold Cherny, Ev. Dorn. Seven Gallon: Gerald Lampkin. Nine Gallon: Kathleen Setzer, Charles Whitehead. Ten Gallon: Betty Norton, Martha Harrison, Darrell Hoffman, Mike Policky, Dorothy Duitsman. Thirteen Gallon: Lester Miller. Fourteen Gallon: Susan Wymore. Fifteen Gallon: Johnilee Henning. Eighteen Gallon: Larry Hartig, Donna Graham. Ninteen Gallon: Sherry Cullison, Shirley Wolken. Twenty two Gallon: Leonard Grof. Twenty three Gallon: Wilfred Deke.

We really appreciate all of the donors that come every time to give blood. It just takes one time to give and you are on your way to giving a gallon or more.

Out next drive will be on Oct. 25 from noon to 6 p.m. and on Thurs. Oct. 26 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Holiday Day Inn Express. Please mark these dates on your calendars and come out and give the "Gift of Life" Blood is needed everyday. Thanks to everyone that come out to give blood.

Dorothy Daubendick, Kathleen Epp and Karen Probst


Editor and Publisher

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