The distortion of facts in a recent radio ad targeting District 30 Legislative candidate, Myron Dorn, is an insult to all voters in District 30. The ad, being paid for by an organization whose origins can be traced to Herndon, VA, indicates the vitreous nature of political campaigns.

The ad states that Myron Dorn has been delinquent in payment of his taxes 15 times and over 100 times on other properties. A quick phone call to the Gage County Treasurer’s office confirms that Dorn has not been delinquent and has never paid interest charges on his taxes. Payments postmarked by April 30 and August 31 are considered timely. Because of the huge volume of tax receipts, payments are processed over the course of several days and the processing date is indicated. However, the payment of the taxes by the property owner is on time.

I am currently serving with Myron Dorn on the Gage County Board of Supervisors and can state without hesitation that he is a man whose integrity and honesty are never questioned.

I encourage you to join me in voting for Myron Dorn for our next State Senator from District 30.

Dennis M. Byars, Beatrice

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