If it’s June, it must be kitten season. It’s that time of year when animal shelters across the country are inundated with mama cats and their babies which is probably why June is recognized nationally as Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month.

And you don’t have to go far to see why. Kitten season is happening right here in Beatrice. Kittens with their mamas and kittens without their mamas show up needing help with food, water, and shelter. Then, after coming into the shelter, many of them spend the early days of their lives in approved foster homes where it is much quieter and more removed from the noise and activity of the shelter.

Fostering felines

Then when the kittens weigh at least two pounds, they are spayed or neutered and ready to begin the adoption process into a loving forever home. If mama cat is with the litter, she too is spayed and ready to be adopted. And before any of the felines leave the shelter, they are also vaccinated, microchipped, checked out by a veterinarian, and lavished with love.

Waiting at the shelter now are some wonderful cats who would love to meet you. Little “Sassy” is a very sweet (and a bit shy) black and white tuxedo who is about three years old. Her baby, “Jinx”, is an all-black one-year-old who still has a lot of playful kitten in him.

Even though she is only seven months-old, “Jewel” looks even younger. She, too, is all black and very tiny. But it doesn’t slow her down as she plays and frolics with the others.

One more all-black feline friend is Mr. “Tommy”. This handsome guy is about six-years-old and really deserves to be in a home setting.

If you are at all considering adding a companion animal to your family, please take a few minutes to meet Sassy, Jewel, Jinx, and Tommy. Adoption fees are 80 dollars for kittens under one year of age and 65 dollars for cats over one year.

Cat considerations

Adopting a pet is a major game-changer for any household. If you are thinking about adopting a cat or kitten, please give some serious thought to these questions posed by petfinder.com.

Do you have other pets and how will they react to a new cat?

Is your current residence suited to the cat you’re considering?

Do you have a plan for your new cat during vacations and/or work travel?

Do you or any of your household members have health issues that may be affected by a cat?

How will your social life or work obligations affect your ability to care for a cat?

Is there an adult in the family who has agreed to be ultimately responsible for the cat’s care?

Have you considered your lifestyle carefully and determined whether a younger or older cat would be a better match for you?

Getting your feline-fix

If you are a confirmed cat lover but it is not possible for you to adopt one at this time, we have just the thing for you. Consider volunteering at the Beatrice Animal Shelter. You can get your “cat-fix” while playing with the kittens and adult cats. Social interaction helps them to get accustomed to humans which, in turn, will help them to get adopted.

Or if you would like to help in another way, consider donating cat care products such as canned cat food, cat litter, toys, food and water bowls, cleaning products, and/or laundry detergent. And, of course, cash is always a great gift. Check out the shelter’s wish-list on the Beatrice Humane Society’s website.

No matter how or when or where you interact with felines, keep in mind the words of French author and actress, Colette, who said, “Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” How true.

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