My friend said “You’re hair is really cute. It didn’t look like that yesterday.” Big surprise, my hair has a mind of its own on most any given day. I have even considered shaving it off and wearing a wig so I could consistently look like I cared about my appearance.

But really, as I considered it, this is my life in a sentence. Every day is different and I never know what God has for me. My schedule may look like complete chaos, but there is a purpose in everything I do.

Two weeks ago I camped at Rock Creek Station near Jansen and helped with a NATRC Competitive Trail Ride. Oh, it was hot and there were a thousand other things I should have been doing, but as a result of being there I was able to work with the most fascinating veterinarian.

Stephanie was in her 60s and lived in Alabama. She had worked for the CDC and now Auburn University. She had worked in the dairy industry in California and was able to articulate research into common sense practice.

I was able to see a friend that I didn’t know was battling cancer and make connections with other people.

So despite being incredibly hot, I considered my time – in that space- as important.

This past weekend I was in Dallas, Texas with my friends from Women of Faith at a writer’s conference. Never would I have imagined everything that God had for me when I sent in that registration a couple months ago.

A ten-hour car trip with three other women can be challenging, but it was the most I laughed for a long time. It felt good to spend hours getting to know and becoming friends with women who are leading an international Christian women’s organization.

We met other women in Dallas that became fast friends that stayed with us at the house. There was more laughter, sharing and encouragement throughout our time together.

On Friday morning, I was a part of recording a radio program that highlighted our stories in how God was working in our lives, individually and as a team. As we sat huddled in a bedroom of our air B&B around a microphone, I had to stand take a moment and thank God for bringing me to this place with these incredible women.

We met with June Hunt with the Hope Center on Friday afternoon. She is a woman in her 70’s that has dedicated her life to developing and marketing a Biblical counseling program for lay people to use. She also does a radio program from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. five nights a week to encourage people who are struggling with big life problems.

She had unbelievable stories of callers through the thirty plus years, but her life is an inconceivable story.

Hunt learned when she was a teenager that her father, an oil tycoon, had three wives. They all had fictitious last names and he was keeping all of the families a secret from the others.

She had a team of people that helped her in her mission that were equally impressive and sitting around the conference table dreaming about the different strategies I could bring to our churches and community, I couldn’t help but feel like God was using me for something that I could never have imagined.

The writer’s retreat and the car ride home were equally inspiring.

My point is I don’t know how God is planning to use me when I wake up every day, but I’m open to my calling.

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