Public speaking... most of us cringe at the thought. Public speaking is a life skill that youth learn in 4-H. We host the County 4-H Contest on Thursday, April 11, 7 p.m., Extension meeting room; the public is invited to attend. Ribbons and premium money awarded; trophies and medals sponsored by KWBE Radio.

Celebrate 4-H volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week, April 7-13. All year long we celebrate the opportunities 4-H gives to grow adults who lead 4-H clubs and help youth learn life skills. Thank you, volunteers, for teaching, giving leadership, and serving in so many ways. Volunteers are one of our nation’s most valuable resources. The quality of our 4-H program is directly related to our awesome volunteers. We grow because you give. We celebrate Gage County 4-H volunteers; thank you for your service.

Earth Day

Celebrate the earth on April 22 and every day. Pick up trash, reduce, reuse, recycle, plant a garden, share kids clothes and stuff from your house, walk, use less water, plant trees...the list is endless. Be kind to the earth; make a difference. The earth is not like a large pizza, we can’t just call in and order another one. Ernest Hemingway said, “The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” 

Raise your hand for Nebraska 4-H

Calling Nebraska 4-H alumni, supporters, and friends to Raise Your Hand for Nebraska 4-H by May 15 to win funding for 4-H hands-on learning programs. Last year Nebraska came in second; this year’s let’s do it and win $20,000. Go to: 4-H.org/RaiseYourHand


Nebraska Department of Agriculture sponsors the fabulous Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute, July 9-13, with all expenses paid for high school juniors and seniors; applications due April 15.

Quilts of Valor

Next sewing day for Quilts of Valor is Thursday, April 18, noon -to 8 p.m. If you sew or want to help, stop by Quilt Stitches, downtown Beatrice.

4-H enrollment deadline is May 1

From small beginnings grow great kids, adult volunteers, families and communities. 4-H grows happy, healthy, strong, skilled kids. 4-H grows character, respect, responsibility, confidence and leadership. 4-H is making Gage County a great place to live and work. Join 4-H today. Call 402-223-1384. Deadline for online 4-H enrollment and payment of dues is May 1; website: https://ne.4honline.com. Adult volunteers and Clover Kids, ages 5-7, will use the same website for enrollment.

Gage County Fair & Expo

Memories Never Fade at the Gage County Fair, July 24-28, only 3 months away with fun and excitement for exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors. Fairbook is available this week at the Extension office; pick up your copy and celebrate all the memories, the friends, and good times at the Gage County Fair. 

Quote of Note: Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

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