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Celebrating 4-H

Celebrating 4-H

We host 4-H Week Oct. 6-12 but we celebrate 4-H all year. Please join in our celebration week: Monday - photo contest; Tuesday – art or writing contest; Wednesday – Spirit day (wear 4-H colors); Thursday – Attitude of Gratitude; Friday – Service day, make a difference in our community. We recognize over 400 4-H families in Gage County, time donated by volunteers, the support of so many community businesses and organizations, and everyone who supports 4-H. This network is the best in the state; thank you!

Tis the season

Did you know? Today a farmer feeds an average of 155 people, up from 26 people in 1960. They are hard working and love what they do! Harvest season is here, a time when farmers, kids, families, and others work all day and often into the night. It’s one of the busiest times of the year. During harvest, farmers give up meals at their table so you can have meals at yours. We remind farmers to stay alert, take occasional breaks, shut down machines before doing repairs, know where your co-workers are, never stand on grain that is being moved, keep shields in place, and have working lights and slow moving vehicle signs. Getting done a day or two earlier isn’t worth an accident.

Others on the roadways are reminded to be courteous to slow moving vehicles, slow down, don’t pull out in front of farm vehicles, give them some space. Many farmers feel the same as George Washington, who said, “I’d rather be on my farm than emperor of the world.” To those who work in acres, not in hours, we thank you! Don’t want to forget those wonderful farm women, the glue that holds it all together...among the most important on the crew are those who make the sandwiches, run to town for parts, do the laundry, and so many other things, often while working their own off-farm job. Eat well today? Thank a farmer and their family, show them your respect and appreciation!

Enjoy the outdoors

Days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Don’t stop going outdoors. Wonderful adventures await us in nature. Experience the crunch of fall leaves, mud between your toes, the warmth of sunshine, or Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Unlike TV or electronic games, nature stimulates all of our senses and provides input for critical thinking skills, muscle tone, and a can-do attitude. Positive interaction with nature is instrumental in helping children develop a respect for the environment. Children will learn from us as we appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. No couch potatoes this fall - get out there and enjoy life.

Dresses for Africa

Rockin’ a girls world in style… We continue this 4-H community service project as we sew simple dresses from fabric or pillowcases, making a difference to girls in Africa. Kits were prepared by 4-H member, Kate Osterhaus, and we have about a dozen all ready for someone to sew. Stop by the Extension Office, 1115 W. Scott Street. We will send out a shipment in October. We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope.

TSC paper clover drive

It’s the fall Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply Company, Oct. 9 – 20. Stop by TSC, and purchase paper clovers to support 4-H for one dollar each... buy as many as you like. This is one of many ways you can support Nebraska 4-H; thank you in advance.

Awards judging

Congrats to all 4-H members who completed your Career Portfolio or Achievement Application and applied for the many awesome 4-H awards. Applications will be reviewed and winners selected at the Awards Judging, Thursday evening, October 17, Extension Meeting room. Adult volunteers, contact the Extension Office if you’re interested.

4-H achievement celebration

The Gage County 4-H Council hosts 4-H members, families and supporters at the annual event to celebrate the accomplishments of ty 4-H members, volunteers, National 4-H Congress winners, and many others on Sunday, Nov. 10, 1:30 pm, 4-H Building. We’re excited to present a Quilt of Valor; red, white and blue, 4-H is for you!

Monsanto funds

America’s Farmers Grow Communities gives eligible farmers the opportunity to win $2,500 for their favorite community nonprofit organization. Register online: or call 1-877-267-3332 by November 30; one winner is selected in each eligible county, then you can indicate Gage County 4-H as your choice for recipient of funds.


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