Although school has been out for a month, summer officially only began Friday. I feel like even though the Lyons’ family typically recognizes the end of the school year as the beginning of summer, I can officially begin to plan the season with fun.

Saturday the last cow and calf pairs, the late calving duo, went to pasture with the rest of the herd.

The cow that had mastitis and had to be nursed back to health rejoined the herd in the pasture.

The heifer that was too small to be introduced to the bull will go to the pasture with the other first year heifers.

My two-a-day trips to the farm for feeding and care are officially over for this spring. I can sleep a little later and worry a little less about my animals.

Calving season seemed to last forever this year.

And just in time for my son’s 12th birthday!

Where has 12 years gone since he was born. I didn’t think that ten weeks of ordered bed rest was ever going to end, but all the pain and worry was over when the littlish bundle arrived. (He was eight pounds and six ounces.)

A new season of parenting had begun. Diapers and sleepless nights eventually gave way to the toddler years.

It seems we spent a lot of time in the emergency room during Luke’s terrible two’s. He tried to cut off his pinkie finger by dropping a three pound hand weight on it, but the skilled professionals sewed it back on.

He cut his head open with the edge of the pickup door, but that healed.

We were so blessed to have my mom care for him until he was three while we worked, but when he had to go to daycare, that was a rough transition.

I remember him telling me to drop him off at work one day. I laughed and played along. At three, he had convinced himself that he worked at the John Deere dealership as a tractor mechanic.

Oh my gosh, did he scream when I turned into daycare!

Shortly after the day care owner sat us down in her office and suggested it was not a good match. Luke was not adjusting. My three-year-old got kicked out of daycare!

But just like that, he must have decided that he didn’t need to cry all day and he didn’t have a job at John Deere and he stayed at that daycare.

I had decided when he was little that I didn’t want to take our time during his childhood for granted. It just goes so fast. I wanted to enjoy those brief years before he became an incorrigible adolescent to the fullest.

But tomorrow he will be 12!

The elementary years and the first year of middle school have already passed and while we have a few memorable trips and special events in the middle, for the most part, those years just escaped.

I don’t know that Luke will be the awful teen that I imagined. He has a soft heart and cares for people and animals like I’ve never seen before. He worries about his friends and recognizes how blessed he is in his young life.

He is insanely interested in our family history and WWII. He knows the history of countries and amazes me with his vast knowledge of all things German history.

He has always amazed me, it seems, and we are so excited to celebrate his birthday and summer!

What season in your life have you enjoyed the most? What season are you celebrating?

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