As humans, we find ourselves having to wait… a lot. Before we are born, we have to grow and wait before we make our grand entrance into the world. As we grow, we anticipate Christmas presents, learning how to drive, and graduating from high school. As we enter adulthood, we find ourselves waiting…waiting to get married, waiting to have children…waiting for our dream career…waiting to take our dream vacation…waiting to build a dream home. We wait in the midst of the everyday, ordinary stuff and then there are those times we wait during a crisis.

In Psalm 13, the Psalmist is also waiting. He is waiting for a solution to his situation. He is waiting for God. He longs for God to intervene. We are not given the exact details of his situation, but we know that the Psalmist bears pain in his soul and has sorrow in his heart. He may be facing illness or even death. Whatever the situation may be, he feels that God has deserted him in this time of need.

When we face pain…sorrow…or uncertainty, we, like the Psalmist, may find ourselves wondering where God is. Why is God hiding from us? Why isn’t God with us in the midst of our crisis? We cry out to God, “How long must I wait?” How long will I need to suffer before you fix everything? Where are you while I lie here, in this hospital bed? Why are my test results taking so long to be read? When will this disease kill me? How long will you hide your face from me?”

In the midst of our suffering…our pain…our sorrow…our worries…God, our heavenly father is with us. It may not feel like God is there, but God has not abandoned us to suffer on our own. God is with us through it all. God is with us when we receive a devastating diagnosis. God is with us when a loved one has died. God is with us as we help our neighbors rebuild after the devastating flood waters destroyed homes, businesses, farms, and communities.

As Psalm 13 continues, the Psalmist says, “But I trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” This is an ah-ha moment for the Psalmist. He realizes that God was with him during his time of sorrow and pain. God never deserted him, God never hid his face, and God never stopped loving him. Sometimes we don’t realize that God is with us in the midst of the storm. We are often consumed by fear, anxiety, and worry. These things that consume us give us the illusion that God has disappeared. Eventually, we have that ah-ha moment and realize that God is with us. Sometimes, that ah-ha moment doesn’t happen until after the storms of life have passed and that’s okay. God understands and God is there with us, through it all.

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