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School is out, summer is here, and hopefully sometime soon the weather will cooperate for us all to spend some time outside together. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing outdoors or grilling out with a group of family or friends during the summer evenings? It is always important to keep safety in mind and if you plan to have a larger neighborhood party, the City does allow you to also close off a street to increase the safety for those in attendance. Here are the steps you will need to take to ensure you are following the proper protocol to close a city street.

The first thing you will need to do is stop by the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, located at 400 Ella Street, and fill out a Street Closure request form. The form is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. We will need to know the date and duration of the closure, as well as the location and reason for your request.

For a residential street closure request, the City does require the use of our barricades to block off the street. Depending upon the location and how heavily traveled the street is, two (2) Type II barricades are sufficient. The City charges a deposit of $25 per barricade. If you choose to pick up and return the barricades during the BPW Service Center’s normal working hours, the deposit will be returned in full. If you wish to have the City deliver and pick up the barricades, fifty percent (50%) of the deposit will be retained for that service. If you plan to have the City deliver and pick up the barricades we ask that you bring two (2) checks with you at the time of making the deposit. This way the deposit can be split in half and when the barricades have been picked up, one (1) check will be kept for the deposit fee and the other check will either be mailed back to you or destroyed depending upon your preference.

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Once the street closure request has been completed and the required deposit has been made, the City Clerk then notifies the City Administrator, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Street Superintendent, of the request. Upon approval by these four (4) individuals, the request is sent to those departments to place on their calendars, and that is it. It is that simple. The approval can usually be turned around in a rather short time, however, we do ask that you provide at least one (1) week advance notice.

One other note, the City does have a noise ordinance in effect between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. If you feel you will need an exception, there is a place on the form to notate that as well, and the Police Department will be notified. Does this mean you will be allowed to blast loud music and carry on throughout the entire evening, no, but it may give a little leeway.

Please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office at any time. We are here to serve you!

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