July was an incredibly busy month for me. At the beginning of August I can’t believe that the summer is almost over and the kids will be going back to school next week. I’m feeling frazzled and tired.

I joked with my family that not many people can say that they transitioned from one thing to another and gave them my list of business in July. My brother reminded me that not many people would want to be able to say that their lives were that chaotic.

The weekend of July 11-13 I helped with a trail ride and camped at Rock Creek. It was hot, but a lot of fun.

The weekend of July 18–21 I went to Dallas, Texas with my friends from Women of Faith for a writer’s retreat. It was wonderful.

The week of July 22–28, I helped with the Gage County Fair. There were more twelve hour work days than I had known all summer and my introverted self was becoming exhausted from all the people that I had interacted with during the month of July.

Then I attended the Teammates Annual Conference in Lincoln from July 29-31. There were a lot of great practical tools and suggestions with interesting speakers.

All good things. Events and activities that I wanted to do. But just as my husband was designing the missing person ad for the milk carton, I reappeared at home. We even found time for a date night and as I sat across from him at the restaurant and told him the highlights of my month, I wondered “how did I get to this place in my life?”

I have a friend that asks me “What are you going to give up?” every time I excitedly share a new opportunity or project. In fact, I have several friends who do that for me, but my answer is always “I don’t know, it will work itself out.”

Well, it hasn’t and I’m exhausted. I like to tell people that “God has just given me a lot to do," but in reality, my life has gotten out of control, again!

I’m embarrassed to say that I have not been practicing self-care or taking the time to listen to God and what he wants me to do. In my heart, however, I know that is the only way for me to find the rest and renewal that I need.

“Note to self: There is peace in His presence. His joy is my strength. When I’m feeling frazzled or overwhelmed the best thing I can do for myself is to stop and pray. Stop and worship. Stop and center myself on The One who holds me and sustains me.” (Unknown)

I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to get up early in the morning to walk while listening to a book. So this morning I pulled myself out of my comfy bed while it was still dark and put on my walking shoes.

It’s no accident that the book I was listening to by Priscilla Shirer was “Discerning the Voice of God. How to Recognize When God Is Speaking.”

My take-away this morning was “I’m too busy.”

Maybe you are too. I think our society rewards those who work hard and stay busy. There’s no shame in that, but I have found that I can’t hear through the crazy when I don’t stop and listen.

So I am committed to becoming more intentional and mindful. To peel back the unnecessary.

What are you doing to hear God?

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