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Pets have a lot to be thankful for

Pets have a lot to be thankful for


In a few days, families and friends will be gathering around the dinner table to give thanks and praise for the blessings of this past year.

The dogs and cats at the Beatrice Animal Shelter will not have a table to gather around, but they, too, have much to be thankful for. Their existence before the shelter experience may have been tinged with neglect, abuse, and indifference, but once they come through the doors of our facility, their lives are forever changed.

I know, for a fact, that one grateful canine this Thanksgiving is “Cooper”. The little Jack Russell terrier mix came into the shelter with a bit of a birth defect that affected his gait, but that did not slow down young Cooper. However, for some folks looking to adopt a dog, this was a deal-breaker.

Cooper waited and waited – ever hopeful that his forever family would stop in at the shelter, meet him, and give him a chance. Finally, Cooper’s wish came true. Today he is happily residing in his forever home and enjoying life as a spoiled pooch.

Other thankful critters would have to include a number of kittens and cats that came in with serious injuries such as broken bones that had not healed, damaged eyes, and rotten teeth. Thanks to the generosity of Humane Society supporters, the feline cuties were able to have the medical attention and procedures they needed to get back on track with the business of healthy living.

The four-legged shelter guests agree on one thing that they are all thankful for…the shelter staff. Under the leadership of manager Carlee Fiddes, staff and volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the best possible living conditions for the animals in their care. At times, the days are long, and the animals keep coming in.

This past summer was a particularly crazy busy time at the shelter with high numbers of mama cats and baby kittens finding their way to us. Thanks to the efforts of foster care volunteers, many of the litters were able to move to private homes where it was quiet and restful, and foster volunteers could feed and care for the wee ones in a more tranquil environment.

A big Thanksgiving thank you goes to those individuals, couples, families, and clubs and organizations that make an effort to support our Humane Society by generously donating monetary gifts to the organization.

Children have held birthday parties that promote gifts from the shelter wish-list rather than gifts for the birthday honoree. Clubs and organizations take up a special collection for shelter expenses. Memorials are designated to the Humane Society. And most recently, a generous couple celebrated their wedding anniversary by suggesting that any gifts be designated to the shelter. And for all of this, the animals are thankful.

And now this Thanksgiving season is a time to once more say THANKS for adopting pets from our local shelter, volunteering your time to socialize

and/or care for the animals at the shelter, and donating the dollars that help us keep the facility operating.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your furry friends. We are thankful for you!


It’s that time of year when you may be cleaning the garage and sorting and rearranging those containers of all kinds of hazardous-to-your-pet chemical products.

One such item is anti-freeze. The common liquid car necessity is apparently sweet-tasting and smells appetizing to pets. It can also be fatal if swallowed. Please store your anti-freeze in a safe place and avoid the heartache of a potential disaster.


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