T'was the night before

T'was the night before


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town,

The puppies and kittens were each settling down.

They dreamed of a toy and a sweet Santa treat…

A new handsome collar or something to eat.

But down at the shelter where lost critters stay

The gang was all looking way past Christmas Day.

They dreamed of a home that would last them forever –

On good days and bad days – whatever the weather.

The dogs dreamed of yards that are shaded by trees;

The cats dreamed of catnip and life without fleas.

They dreamed of a human who tossed them a ball

And put their pets’ portraits right up on the wall

Their dreams were disturbed by a loud noise and clatter.

Dogs started barking out, “Hey, what’s the matter?”

The new shelter roof seemed to shimmy and shake;

The cats were meowing, “Must be an earthquake!”

Then Santa appeared in a magical mist.

He seemed to be checking his worn Christmas list.

“I know what you want, and it’s easy to see;

At the top of your list is a great family.

The shelter is fine for a short while, I know.

With two squares a day plus you’re out of the snow.

But you all need a home that’s forever, it’s true.

Let’s think about this and see what we can do.”

So Cooper and Sapphire and little Jack, too

Came up with a plan of what they could do.

“Let’s tell all the world that we’re really the best.

As cats and dogs go, we can pass every test.

We’re neutered or spayed, and we’re micro-chipped too.

We’re current on rabies; been checked through and through.

We’re handsome and cute and as nice as can be.

We just need some humans to meet us and see.”

As dogs and cats pondered to think of a plan,

They noticed that some were approaching “the man.”

When Santa reached out to pat each of them,

He concluded that all could be called a real gem.

Old Santa was smitten with a calico cat;

She played with the fur that surrounded his hat.

She crawled in his pocket and pulled out a treat.

The jolly guy laughed and thought, “Isn’t that sweet?”

Then a mutt they called “Buddy” approached Santa too.

He spoke with his eyes and said, “Hey, I like you!”

I want to go with you and meet Mrs. Claus.”

Then all the pets cheered and broke out in applause.

Santa said, “Why not?” and pulled out his pen

And filled out the paperwork, signed it and then…

He left all the fees and his cell number too.

He packed up his new friends and then off they flew.

In shelter adoptions, Santa firmly believes.

He and the Mrs. love their adoptees.

The lesson to learn that is so very true;

If it’s good enough for Santa, it’s perfect for you.

Merry Christmas!


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