Jason Moore

I can’t be the only one thinking how this seems to have been a really long winter. As of today news stations are reporting we have received just over 29 inches of snow so far this winter. Some will say that 29” is nothing compared to the winter of 1983 - 1984.

This year however 29” would put us tied for second for the most recorded snow in the last 10 years with only the winter of 2009 - 2010 recording more snow. That was a winter to remember, two blizzards in December with one happening over Christmas.

Each year meteorologist speculate how bad the winters will be based on many different weather models. Some look at ocean surface temperatures and compare them to similar years in the past.

Each year we still see our snow, wind, ice and cold weather. We see storms come out of the four corners or gulf area which seem to always get us one way or another. Lately though, most storms have seemed to intensify just to our north and east.

Snow lovers are giddy with excitement as they watch storms when they are still far over the Pacific or just entering the Gulf in hopes of copious amounts of moisture to surge into the plains only to collide with a jet stream bringing polar air south. The recipe for heavy snow is still there for our area, it just seems we haven’t quite had everything just right for a few years.

One weather pattern I have noticed over the years is how it seems our seasons have slowly shifted. To me each year it seems our warmer weather tends to stay longer into December and our colder wetter weather seems to hang around into late April or early May.

Unfortunately, I have to believe winter isn’t planning on letting go of us anytime soon. If the rest of the winter is anything like what we have had so far with the heavier amounts of moisture be prepared for anything come March and April.

I for one am ready for winter to be over. Cold grey skies, dreary cold weather, sidewalks and piles of snow. Yes, count me all in for warmer weather, green grass and garden season.

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