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    If you have visited the State Capitol in the past couple of years, you have seen the construction project to replace the HVAC system and upgrade the windows. There’s nothing like the cold wave of the past week to demonstrate the need for those repairs on our nearly 90 year old building.

      I have been friends with Emily Rohe Haxby for over 10 years. We have stayed friends, even though we have different views and political affiliations. Her honesty and hard work has always impressed me. With a family and full-time businesses, she is always willing to help others and has decided…

        For the last 231 years, America has been traveling along the road of democracy. Now we are coming to a fork in the road determining if we want to continue on the road to freedom and democracy or do we wish to take the less traveled and bumpy road of George III with an autocratic lack of freedom and independence?

        To the Lincoln Journal Star Women’s Inspire Awards committee, a huge heartfelt thank you for bringing a desperately needed moment of happiness, positivity and celebration of women to the Capital City. What a relief to see hard-working, kind and virtuous women have a moment in the spotlight and briefly receive the recognition they deserve for making this world a better place.

        Have you seen the Jeff Fortenberry ad with the farmer in an American Legion hat? Do you know that the American Legion Constitution forbids use of the American Legion uniform or emblem in any political ad?

        I've known Kate Bolz since she became our state senator back in 2013. While I have since moved out of her district, I am thrilled to vote for her once again, as she's running to represent us in Nebraska's 1st Congressional District.

        When a crowd of students gathered in The Railyard a few weeks ago, drinking and without masks, they were widely castigated for their thoughtlessness in the midst of a pandemic.

        I find the decision made by the Nebraska Supreme Court recently disturbing. Supporting or opposing the medical cannabis initiative is not the issue at hand. The Supreme Court has now made it impossible for the voice of the people to be heard.

        According to Bob Bennie's letter  ("Madsen stands for freedom," Sept. 13), Ben Madsen is a patriot. It seems the definition of patriotism in Bennie's mind is that one's personal desires are more important than their fellow citizens' health, and the selfish disregard for other peoples well being is the American way.


        Harping on one's opponents for not sufficiently condemning the sexual exploitation of children when one's own party supported an accused predator of young girls for the Senate and has meekly acquiesced to its president's offer of well wishes to another might be the most breathlessly cynical political move of 2020, but with about six weeks to go and GOP desperation and stupidity growing, we'd best keep nominations open.

        I recently read in the Journal Star ("64-year-old sues governor, Lincoln and Omaha mayors and schools over coronavirus 'nonsense'", Aug. 21) that a fellow citizen asked a judge for an emergency injunction to stop "all nonsense being perpetrated by … governments and organizations in the state of Nebraska," related to the pandemic.

        Cal Thomas devoted his Sept. 9 column ("Running up dangerous debt") to the evil of letting the national debt grow to the point it is reaching this year and to what we should do about it. He pointed out the daunting fact that for the first time since right after World War II the debt is as big as the GNP.

        Sen. Ben Sasse has called for repeal of the 17th Amendment. This is the amendment to the United States Constitution that allows us to vote for our U.S. senators directly instead of them being appointed by state legislatures.

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