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“May I never boast except in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Galatians 6: 14).

An examination of conscience is a regular, prayerful reflection of the state of one’s soul. There is a mysterious desire of human beings to do their own will, even when this contradicts the will of God. This is the root of pride. Pride is the inordinate esteem of oneself. The questions following are for our prayerful reflection on the vice of pride.

Do I think too highly of myself?

Where in my daily life do I claim what belongs to God as my own?

In what way am I attached to my own judgment and thoughts?

Where am I so “full” of my own knowledge and not open to God’s enlightenment?

Do I tend to be arrogant, critical or argumentative?

What is my attitude to those in authority over me?

Am I overly competitive, seeking places of honor?

Do I have an overbearing or haughty attitude?

Do I take the credit rather than giving God the glory?

An examination of conscience ends with a resolve to amend our lives for the better. To help resist the vice of pride we can:

Strive to be friendly, agreeable, pleasant and considerate.

Choose to praise others when praise is due.

Resolve to live for God alone.

Choose to give God the credit, honor and glory in all things.

Pray for the virtue of humility.

Trust God and recognize the need of God’s mercy.

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Robert Barnhill is the pastor of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Beatrice.


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