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Schuller will represent Gage County best

Schuller will represent Gage County best


You’ve all heard the phrase “everyone talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.”

Much of the time, it seems like politics works the same way.

We complain, we throw up our hands, and we say “what’s the use? I am only one voice. Nobody knows me or listens to what I have to say anyway.”

That’s why I am excited to be supporting Don Schuller as he runs for the open area seat in the State Legislature. Because he is someone that we DO know, he is one of US and he is someone who can do a great job of representing us as a State Senator! We need the voice that he can give us in Lincoln.

I am crossing Party lines in my support of Don, but I am doing so because I believe that he can best represent the interests that are important to our community. Don is a working man who has always stood up for his community, and I know he will be a strong, independent leader in the Legislature. Don understands our concerns because he is one of us, and I know that he will be the hardest working Senator at the Capitol. But he is going to need our overwhelming support at the ballot box to advance in this election, so let’s show him our appreciation and support by getting out and voting for him on May 15! Let's help him help us! Here is our chance to “do something about it!”

Jon Palmquist, Wymore


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