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Abigail Stark

Because there was a tiny bit of positive feedback after my last editorial and because I can’t think of another interesting topic for my editorial, I will do the same kind of thing this time and address some rumors/grumbling recently heard around town. While the City does see a positive reaction to many of the actions taken throughout town, I’m aiming to address the negative reactions we see that are often times based on incomplete or incorrect information.

Street Clearing after Snow: Per the City’s Snow Removal Plan, residential streets are not plowed until the snow routes are clear, and as a result, tons of traffic drove over the snow on residential streets before the plows were able to get to them.

I promise you, I am just as impatient, if not more so, than the next person, so I understand the frustration with not being able to get around as easily or as quickly as we are used to. Just remember, common sense goes a long way in situations like this. If a blizzard warning is issued, make sure you’ve got what you need in the event you’re stuck at home. If you do have to drive, slow down.

School Crosswalks/Stop Signs: The reaction to the new crosswalk at 19th Street and Grant Street has been very positive overall! Some issues arose regarding parking on the crosswalk or next to the red curb on either side of the crosswalk. I’m honestly not sure if this was because drivers didn’t realize they couldn’t pull up there, or because parents were just in a hurry and decided to do it anyways.

Yes, the addition of the crosswalk takes up space that parents could otherwise use for picking up students, but after a little consideration, everyone can see that the added safety for the students outweighs the minor inconvenience of a little less curb space for dropping off and picking up students.

We also passed resolutions to make sure that the stop signs that are put out at both Stoddard and Lincoln Elementary Schools near the beginning and end of school days are completely authorized and legit. The resolutions authorizing the temporary closing of 4th Street and the temporary stop sign on 5th Street near the Middle School were updated, as well.

I have noticed complaints from parents that these stop signs are frequently violated. I guess maybe some drivers assume that since the stop sign is not permanently in that location, that it is somehow less enforceable? I assure you, they are fully enforceable. A Police Officer can pull you over and cite you for violating one of them just as easily as he/she could pull you over and cite you for not stopping at any of the permanently placed stop signs in town.

Again, if you have questions or comments about matters involving the city, don’t hesitate to contact us here at City Hall. Happy Holidays everyone.

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