Rose McGowan snubbed by family chat
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Rose McGowan's "rude" family have snubbed her from a WhatsApp group chat.

The 'Charmed' star's relatives all swap gossip in the messaging service but she's been left out for years - though she admitted that could be because she isn't a "phone person".

She said: "I don't do WhatsApp groups - I found out my whole family is in one except for me. So rude!

"It's been going on for years. It's probably because I'm not really a phone person or because I have a weird family."

Rose also "doesn't really care" about using social media to see what her friends are up to as she'd rather just catch up with them in person.

She said: "I hardly ever scroll through Instagram.

"I don't really care about other people's feeds, I care about them in person."

The 46-year-old actress often suffers from nightmares but has found crime scene re-enactment programmes help soothe her when she wakes up anxious and can quickly get back to sleep.

She told Grazia magazine: "I have nightmares often, like, three times a week. I wake up covered in sweat and it takes a little while to calm down.

"Sometimes I put on a show called 'Forensic Files' - it's crime scene re-enactments, with a really soft voiceover about death, and for some reason, that calms me right down and I go to sleep."

When she was writing her autobiography, 'Brave', Rose turned to historical fiction to stop her own work being influenced by what she was reading in her downtime.

She explained: "I was reading mostly novels because I didn't want to have interference from other people's style.

"I read a lot of Charlotte and Emily Bronte. I re-read classics so nothing would affect me, but it's given me kind of a strange vocabulary that's a mix between Californian dude=speak and 18th century English literature."

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