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Last week I said that for the next few weeks we would be looking at great new plants to consider for this summer’s gardens. But we’re taking a detour this week for a great reason, which I’ll let you know about in a minute. So this week, let’s talk about pruning fruits -- both tree fruits and small fruits.

If you’ve recently purchased some fresh stone fruit, you should know that peaches, plums and nectarines are being recalled nationwide due to listeria concerns. A random sampling revealed traces of the contamination. The Yonkers, New York-based company, Jac. Vandenberg, Inc., is recalling 1,727 carts of peaches, 1,207 cartons of nectarines

Drink lots of fluids (water, tea), and eat fresh fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C. This protects mucous membranes.

Creams high in fat, vitamin E and aloe vera protect skin and lips.

What's the picture-perfect diet to both fend off and treat Type 2 diabetes? Well, the latest science paints a portrait of a diet lush with plants in every color, texture and category, including a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, crunchy whole grains, earthy beans, and crisp nuts and seeds.

The new year is a great time to declutter, toss the junk and organize your kitchen to set you up for clean-eating success. Here are some must-haves to help you prepare healthy, fast and flavorful meals this year. Fruits and veggies are key.

Most people know that fiber is important, but do they really know what it is and why? Fiber is the non-digestible carbohydrate portion of food. The digestive system breaks down other carbohydrates, protein and fat for energy and growth, but it is unable to digest fiber in the small intestine.