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You can make a house with old, weather-beaten vinyl siding stop traffic with a new coat of a good-quality, acrylic latex exterior paint. We like water-based acrylic exterior paint because it goes on easily and has leveling properties, so it adheres to both smooth and textured surfaces. And the paint is flexible, so it withstands changes in the climate.

One of the biggest benefits of walnut cat litter is that it’s an environmentally friendly choice. The walnut shells are biodegradable and natural, and as a food industry byproduct, they would otherwise go to waste.

President Joe Biden should prevent the construction of new carbon dioxide pipelines until changes to federal rules are adopted to increase their safety, opponents of the projects said Thursday. The call for an executive order to stall the projects comes as federal regulators consider changes to pipeline requirements and are set to hold a two-day […]

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I scan the media each week to keep abreast of all that has to do with building and remodeling homes, new tools and new technology in the trades. I also talk to dozens of homeowners. I can tell you that inflation and soaring interest rates are inspiring more and more homeowners to contemplate tackling home-improvement projects that two years ago they would have hired out.

LINCOLN — Cleaning up a mountain of contaminated waste corn at the former AltEn ethanol plant has entered a new phase — one that might send another controversial cargo to an Omaha-area landfill. Officials with NewFields, the company hired to lead the cleanup, announced plans this week for a pilot project to discover the best, […]

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If you’re anxious or stressed, certain essential oils could calm your mind and body. Lavender oil is a popular pick to relieve tension. The light floral scent promotes a calming ambiance and restful sleep. If you’re not a fan of lavender, musky and floral ylang-ylang oil can also promote deep relaxation, while chamomile (like you'd find in Sleepytime Tea) can induce tranquility.

If you’re looking for an essential oil to diffuse while you tackle those work emails, try rosemary oil. The crisp, herby scent can sharpen your mental clarity and enhance your energy. Bright and citrusy lemon oil may also improve your cognitive performance. Lemon oil and rosemary oil smell great together, so consider blending them the next time you need a productivity boost.

Essential oils can be diffused throughout your home to provide mood-boosting benefits. Diluted oil may also be applied sparingly to the wrists for an extra boost of fragrance, but be sure to cut pure essential oils with an allergen-friendly oil like jojoba to prevent irritation.

Here is a list of gifts from organizations will quite literally sustain the receiver long after the holiday is over.

Owners of the Keystone pipeline knew a defect had formed years before the strain finally caused the pipeline to burst and flood a Kansas creek with oil last year. The Keystone pipeline, owned by TC Energy, burst near the Kansas-Nebraska border late last year, spilling almost 13,000 barrels of oil onto adjacent farmland and into […]

The post Keystone pipeline owners knew of defect years before Kansas spill appeared first on Nebraska Examiner.

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