Omaha Gross scored three goals in the second half to beat Beatrice 3-0 Monday night at the House of Orange in Beatrice.

The Lady O battled the Cougars to a 0-0 tie going into half time, but 20 minutes into the second half, Omaha Gross struck.

"We kind of broke down in our midfield and got out of our triangular shape that we had been trying to maintain" said Beatrice Coach Bryan Heinz. "They got inside leverage and got an open shot in the middle of the field and that kind of started things off."

Omaha Gross was able to score two more goal, which Heinz said came off mishaps on his team's part.

Despite the loss, Heinz said he was happy with how his team responded to a very physical Omaha Gross team.

"Overall, I thought our girls did fantastic" Heinz said. "We had a game plan of wanting to be more physical and we wanted to contend for every ball in every aspect of the game."

Beatrice had their opportunities to score in both the first half and the second half, including a couple free kicks in dangerous sports.

"Mak Holthus and Linda Humble put it on the frame," Heinz said. "But their goal keeper was really athletic with very sure hands and she just gobbled everything up."

The Lady O had one opportunity where Abby Ware was one on one with the goalkeeper.

"She put up a good shot, but their goalie got big and saved it," Heinz said. "That was fairly early and if we had scored there, it might have changed the entire game."

Heinz said he was also pleased that he was able to get girls into some different spots on the field.

"We got multiple players in multiple spots and we are trying to develope a nice rotation as we get into conference and districts," Heinz said. "That's a big key right now, because our midfield has been getting tired and that's when we break down. We are working to fix that."

Heinz said he was particularly happy with the play from Reganne Henning on Monday night.

"Reganne has been working on a few things these last few practices and she is getting very confident on and off the ball," Heinz said. "She's getting into the spaces she needs to be and when she sees an opportunity, she goes for it."

Beatrice is 1-6 on the season. They are scheduled to play at home against Omaha Skutt on Thursday if the weather permits.

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