Seniors go out in style
Photo by Jane White/Daily Sun staff
Andrew Nelson swims the freestyle.

Seniors on the Beatrice/Fairbury/Firth Norris/DeWitt Tri County co-op swimming and diving team were sent out in style Tuesday as the co-op teams captured both divisions of a dual against Omaha Brownell-Talbot/ Omaha Roncalli/Omaha Concordia.

The Beatrice co-op girls team won 125-85, while the boys team won 123-90.

“We once again had a very good meet with numbers of personal-bests and several changes to the state qualifying list,” caoch Sandi Hoffman said. “We always want to continue to improve and have everybody improve and we’ve done that.”

Junior Josh Karel established a new secondary state-qualifying mark in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:03.50.

“Josh’s backstroke was really good,” Hoffman said.

Bettering previous state-qualifying marks and times included Trevor Williams in diving, Leah Harms in the 100 breaststroke and the girls 200 free relay of Kenzie Licht, Morgan Cullison, Harms and Carrie Niemeier.

Harms, Hoffman said, took “quite a bit of time” off her previous best in the breaststroke.

“We’re always glad when those things take place,” Hoffman said.

Tuesday was the final home meet for the seniors on this year’s co-op team.

Seniors include Seth DeBoer, Johanna Shinn, Jenna Hughes and Crystal Taylor from Fairbury; Carrie Niemeier from DeWitt Tri County; and Ethan Monhollon from Firth Norris.

“We don’t have a senior from Beatrice this year at all,” Hoffman said. “In some years, that could have been a problem, but with this group it was definitely not a problem,” Hoffman said. “We had a great group of senior leaders who were willing to step up and do what needed to be done.”

Hoffman said all of the seniors were willing to be leaders for the co-op team.

Next action for the co-op teams will be Friday and Saturday at the River Cities Conference meet in Ralston.

Hoffman said the dual against the Roncalli co-op was a good chance to “stretch a little” and “tune-up a little” for conference.

Beatrice Co-op vs. Roncalli Co-op

Girls Division

Beatrice Co-op 125, Roncalli Co-op 85

Beatrice Results

200 medley relay: Beatrice A (Alexis Arena, Leah harms, Morgan Cullison, Kenzie Licht), first, 2:06.85; Beatrice B (Emily Carothers, Jami Mann, Jenna Christiansen, Carrie Niemeier), second, 2:18.63; Beatrice C (Johanna Shinn, Danae DeBoer, Danielle Thyfault, Crystal Taylor), fourth, 2:34.68.

200 freestyle: Janae Jurgena, third, 2:33.18; Johanna Shinn, fourth, 2:46.85; Crystal Taylor, fifth, 2:59.48.

200 individual medley: Morgan Cullison, first, 2:30.55; Jami Mann, second, 2:59.89.

50 freestyle: Kenzie Licht, second, 28.09; Alexis Arena, third, 28.48; Leah Harms, fourth, 28.67.

100 freestyle: Morgan Cullison, first, 1:00.61; Kenzie Licht, third, 1:02.40; Mikaela Schroeder, sixth, 1:15.78.

500 freestyle: Alexis Arena, first, 6:17.75; Danielle Thyfault, second, 7:34.0.

200 free relay: Beatrice A (Kenzie Licht, Carrie Niemeier, Leah Harms, Morgan Cullison), first, 1:52.09; Beatrice B (Jami Mann, Alison Engler, Shelby lance, Danae DeBoer), third, 2:07.79; Beatrice C (Terra Kapke, HolliAnn Zinnecker, Abigail Burenheide, Tessa Falos), fourth, 2:14.99.

200 backstroke: Emily Carothers, second, 1:17.05; Carrie Niemeier, third, 1:18.12; Amy Thyfault, fifth, 1:27.88.

100 breaststroke: Leah Harms, first, 1:16.87; Jami Mann, fourth, 1:29.84; Alison Engler, fifth, 1:31.15.

400 free relay: Beatrice A (Alexis Arena, Jenna Christiansen, Carrie Niemeier, Emily Carothers), second, 4:29.98; Beatrice B (Shelby Lance, Janae Jurgena, Amy Thyfault, Danielle Thyfault), third, 4:54.14; Beatrice C (Mikaela Schroeder, Bailey Nelson, Abigail Burenheide, Johanna Shinn), fourth, 5:08.35.

Boys Division

Beatrice Co-op 123, Roncalli Co-op 90

Beatrice Results

200 medley relay: Beatrice A (Andrew Nelson, Trenton McCown, Josh Karel, Seth DeBoer), first, 1:52.16; Beatrice B (Mikel Summers, Jarrod Shinn, Timothy Rayburn, Lucas Lyra), second, 2:01.61; Beatrice C (Trevor Bender, Jordan Lofing, Jacob Mann, Ethan Monhollon, 2:12.90.

200 freestyle: Andrew Nelson, first, 1:50.29; Mikel Summers, fourth, 2:12.60; 5. Christian Dixon, fifth, 2:13.56.

200 individual medley: Jacob Mann, third, 2:36.93.

50 freestyle: Lucas Lyra, first, 25.68; Trenton McCown, second, 25.79; Seth DeBoer, fourth, 26.65.

Diving: Trevor Williams, first, 310.95; 2. John Mark Townsend, second, 212.60.

100 butterfly: Josh Karel, first, 1:00.18; Timothy Rayburn, third, 1:09.19.

100 freestyle: Lucas Lyra, second, 58.47; Ethan Monhollon, fourth, 1:00.91; Josh Johnson, sixth, 1:05.56.

500 freestyle: Andrew Nelson, first, 4:53.67; Jacob Mann, second, 6:14.64; Christian Dixon, third, 6:18.17.

200 free relay: Beatrice A (Lucas Lyra, Josh Johnson, Seth DeBoer, Trenton McCown), second, 1:43.79; Beatrice B (Ethan Monhollon, Timothy Rayburn, Jordan Lofing, Jarrod Shinn), third, 1:52.53; Beatrice C (Christian Dixon, Trevor Bender, John Mark Townsend, Lucas Martin), fifth, 2:03.88.

100 backstroke: Josh Karel, first, 1:03.50; Mikel Summers, third, 1:06.84; Trevor Bender, sixth, 1:25.33.

100 breaststroke: Trenton McCown, second, 1:1482; Jordan Lofing, third, 1:20.07.

400 free relay: Beatrice A (Christian Dixon, Josh Karel, Andrew Nelson, Mikel Summers), second, 3:42.28; Beatrice B (Ethan Monhollon, Josh Johnson, Jacob Mann, Timothy Rayburn), fourth, 4:17.25; Beatrice C (Jordan Lofing, Trevor Bender, Lucas Martin, John Mark Townsend), fifth, 4:47.70.

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