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Governor's hunt

Cargill Meats Solutions was the team that won the 2018 Governor’s Pheasant Hunt last weekend. Sixteen teams participated in the hunt this year. Each team began their hunt around dawn and had to report in to the official checkpoint by 1pm. It was a cold, wet and sometimes sloppy hunt, but everyone seemed to have a great time.

The banquet is over and bird dogs and shotguns have been put away. The 2018 Governor’s Pheasant Hunt is in the record books. It was a wet and sometimes sloppy hunt last Saturday morning, but I think everyone had a good time and it is always a great event to showcase what Beatrice has to offer.

Cargill Meat Solutions won this year’s title of Top Gun in Division 1. Team members were James Mitchell, Mike Bideaux, Genaro Olvera, James Paul and James Machmuelle. They took 15 roosters and had a strong showing in the sporting clays competition.

Division 2 was won by Armstrong Rentals. Team members were Joe Armstrong, Zac Carpenter, Nick Sedlacek, Rob Schlictman and Erich Tiemann. This team also had 15 birds and did exceptionally well shooting the clay targets.

Governor’s Ricketts team finished the day in fourth place with nine pheasants and one quail. I was part of the Wells Fargo Advisors Team this year. We finished in seventh place overall. My teammates were Anthony Schnuelle, Terry Doyle, Brett Wells and Stan Meyer. I had a great time and I’m already looking forward to next year’s Governor’s Hunt.

Deer Season

For deer hunters, this coming Saturday, November 10, is an important day! First and foremost it is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps…243 Years! And, it is the opening of Nebraska’s firearm deer season. There will be a lot of deer hunters in the field at dawn Saturday morning. Just a few last minutes reminders:

 Make sure you have your hunting permit and have verified that you are hunting in the correct area.

 Make sure that you have permission to hunt where you intend to be.

 Remember to wear 400 square inches of Hunter Orange color on your head, chest and back.

 Be sure of your target. Know your background and take care to not shoot elk or cow by accident. It happens!

Be safe out there, have fun and Good Luck!

Mock Scrapes

If you are late on getting out to scout your deer hunting spot, you literally only have hours left. If you there are deer in the area you plan to hunt, about the only trick you can use to attract/hold a buck is to create a scrape.

Scrapes are visual and scent markers that deer leave on the ground to show their presence in an area and to mark territory. However, research shows that a scrape is used by more than one buck. Bucks of all ages and size can use a scrape. Just be patient. You may see several bucks and some does visit your mock scrape.

The more the better because the “real” deer leave additional scent and make the scrape more attractive. Many biologists believe that does use scrapes to tell bucks in the area that they are ready to breed and they will be close by.

Scrapes are usually found along well-used trails. I like to make my mock scrape at points where deer trails come together and generally a few yards back in the timber from the edge of a field or opening and within sight and the shooting zone from my stand.

My scape is normally a foot wide and 18-inches long. Imagine a buck pawing at the ground and make your scrape look like that. One last tip…create a “licking stick” directly above your scrape. Bucks like to rub their forehead glands on the stick and will also lick it with their tongue to leave behind more information for the next buck to “read”.

Salute to Veterans

We observe Veterans Day this weekend, November 11! There is a bumper sticker I see occasionally that says, “If you can read this, thank a teacher”. I’ll add to that, “If you can read it in English, thank a Veteran! If not for the sacrifices of our veterans and the grace of God, we could be reading it in Japanese, German or Russian.

If you know a veteran, thank them. If you know anyone on active duty or in the reserves, thank them for their service as well. And for those who understand: Semper Fi!

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