Recently a person traveling through western Nebraska on I-80 reported that she saw a Bigfoot near Mile Marker 197 in Lincoln County. That was a “first” for Lincoln County and opened up the debate on Bigfoot again. Now, I have a deep science background. My degrees are in biology and mammalian physiology. I look at things through the eyes of a biologist.

Just because Bigfoot has not been “proven” to exist, doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it or that I don’t believe it could not exist. How many times do you see a story about a creature that was thought to be extinct being found it some remote area for the world? How many times do you hear of an entirely new species being discovered? Just last week a new species of fish was found in the Pacific Ocean. Call it Bigfoot; Sasquatch, Skunk Ape or any of several other names, there is something behind the sightings and stories that surround the lore.

Cryptobiology or cryptozoology are not official branches of science, but there is some serious study that goes into the field. The definition of cryptobiology or cryptozoology is the study of animals or creatures, like the Lock Ness Monster, Yeti or Bigfoot, and whose existence has not yet been unequivocally substantiated by science.

There have been several cable TV shows dedicated to searching for Bigfoot. One of the better known programs was called Finding Bigfoot on the Animal Planet channel. Monster Quest was another show that aired from 2007 to 2010 and touched on the subject numerous times. Mountain Monsters features a group of guys chasing sounds through the woods at night, but they never got anything.

Back in 2015, a feature length film was made called “Sasquatch Hunters”. You can imagine the story line…a group of people are terrorized by multiple Sasquatch out in the woods. If you see the film, you will notice that the writers apparently felt that a 12 gauge with slugs is good Sasquatch medicine. I’d agree.

Nebraska is not a place where Bigfoot sightings are common, but they have occurred. I could not find any kind of “Bigfoot Central” website that covers all Bigfoot sightings in Nebraska. The best website at the moment may be

I had to search through a number of websites to get a good idea of how many sightings have been reported in the Cornhusker State. I discovered that some type of Bigfoot-like creature has been spotted in Butler, Cherry, Clay, Dawes, Douglas, Gage, Kearney, Knox, Lancaster, Lincoln, Sarpy, Saunders, Thurston, Wayne, and Washington counties.

Perhaps the most intriguing description of a Bigfoot sighting was on a website that had a recording that was reported to be a Union Pacific train crew. The train crew called into their dispatcher to report their sighting as they approached the town of Blair. A large hairy ape-like creature was in the railroad right-of-way.

I know a couple of dedicated Sasquatch aficionados who live in Beatrice. Since Gage County has been a spot where a sighting occurred in the past (Fall of 1974), if I wanted to do some Bigfoot hunting, I’d start looking along the Big Blue River near Blue Springs and Wymore.

Coincidently, the western Nebraska sighting of Bigfoot happened about a month ahead of what will be the second Annual Bigfoot Conference for Nebraska. It is scheduled for February 15-17, 2018. It will be held in the Hastings City Auditorium.

The convention is being billed as a “fun and educational event”. There will be Bigfoot merchandise vendors, food vendors, and lots of information about Sasquatch and the research into this creature in Nebraska and neighboring states.

Speakers for this year’s conference include Cliff Barackman, Bob Gimlin, Mike Johnson, Daniel Perez, Robin Roberts, Richard Soule and Craig Woolheater. Several Nebraska researchers Harriett McFeely, Tammy Lynne and Cassie Ogg will also be making presentations.

Tickets for the event can be purchased via the Nebraska Bigfoot website for $25 per person. The way I read the website, tickets are non-refundable and must be purchased in advance.