Professional tournament angler, Kelly Jordon, shows off a couple of bass he used to win a Bassmaster Classic. You will find some tips from Jordon on how to fish in hot weather in this week’s outdoor column. Check it out!

It sounds like a line out of an old World War II movie about submarine warfare…Go Deep! But that is exactly what almost every species of fish does when it gets hot. You have to go deep to find the fish, too.

I like using big crankbaits this time of the year, especially if I have to fish during the day. A lot of the time I’ll use lead core line to help me get down faster and deeper. I had a chance to talk to a professional tournament angler about this theory.

"Deep cranking, typically in the 15 to 20-foot depth range, is absolutely at its best during the heat of the summer because fish tend to gather in large schools close to baitfish, and a crankbait imitates that baitfish better than any other lure," says professional bass angler and multiple tournament champion, Kelly Jordon.

During the summer and hot periods like we have now, bass will congregate on the ends of deep points; on top of ridges and other high spots. Submerged road or railway beds are a great place to look.

"Very often you can see the bass on your electronics as you idle over the end of a point, or you might see the baitfish," Kelly continued. “Sometimes you may need to look at a particular place several times during the day. Schools of bass will use the very same places year after year, but because baitfish move, they may not be on a certain point the entire day. The presence of baitfish is important, and the more you see on your electronics, the more you can be assured that bass aren't far away."

"The most common way to fish a point is to keep your boat in deeper water and cast shallow so your retrieve brings the crankbait down the slope of the point," Kelly advises.

"You may have to try several different angles until you find one that produces the best. A crankbait will always be more effective if it's digging into the bottom during your retrieve, so that means you're probably going to lose a few on stumps and snags, but you're also going to catch more bass."

Give this crankbait tip a try the next time you are on the water.

Fishing Trivia

This is one of the few times you will see a late celebrity name like this in my column. Rapala, the world’s largest fishing lure manufacturer, inducted Marilyn Monroe into its Hall of Fame. Although Monroe was not an angler, the Rapala Hall of Fame showcases influential people who assisted the company in becoming as successful as it is today.

Don’t see the connection, yet? OK…here goes: Back in August of 1962 America was mourning the death of Marilyn Monroe. The August cover of Life Magazine bore a picture of her and featured a pictorial history of her life. In this same magazine was an article titled, "A Lure Fish Can't Pass Up," showcasing Lauri Rapala's original floating lure. This edition broke all circulation records and became the biggest-selling Life Magazine issue of all time.

Little did Life Magazine know that while remembering one of America's film icons, they would also be responsible for the birth of a fishing icon….the Rapala lure. The small U.S. distribution company felt the impact of the article immediately.

"Rapala wobblers were starting to catch on," recalls Ron Weber, co-founder of Rapala USA. "It was like pouring gasoline on a campfire, we were overwhelmed with requests for Rapala lures. In no time at all we had orders for about three million pieces."

Marilyn Monroe's celebrity status coupled with the Life Magazine article created pandemonium in the angling industry. During this unexpected boom, Rapala built a reputation for quality and service and fully committed itself to the American market. Today, Rapala lures are sold in 150 countries and are responsible for more world-record catches than any other lure. How’s that for a bit of fishing trivia?

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