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    Covid-19, new tick-borne diseases, Dengue fever, Zika, phragmites, cheat grass, quagga and zebra mussels…do we really need something else to worry about? Well, how about the Asian Giant Hornet?

      Have you ever seen a turtle digging its nest so it can lay its eggs? Not many people have, but that what I was watching and studying on a recent trip to Merritt Reservoir. I was down the Boardman arm of the lake, near the Boardman campground. The turtle had crawled up out of the lake and was…

        I was recently up at Merritt Reservoir to do some kayaking and fishing. I had an opportunity to talk with a family who was visiting northwestern Nebraska for the first time. Jack Irons, his wife Ruth and their son Jackie trekked across the state from Lincoln. Camping is one of their most fun…

          I talked about ticks and tick borne diseases earlier this spring. We have had some nice spring rains and that makes great grass and hay for livestock, but it is also a near perfect scenario for ticks! Entomologists warned of a potential “tick explosion” this summer and we got it.

            It is that time of year again. It happens every spring. Wildlife experts caution us to not assume a young animal you find in the woods or on the edge of your yard has been abandoned. Don’t pick them up and bring them home, no matter how cute they are, and some of them are very cute. The chan…

              I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend! For most years, Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start of the camping season. However, as with many things amidst cautions and changes due to Covid-19, this holiday weekend was a bit different.


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