When you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Focus on three key factors. The design should be functional, attractive and within your budget.

While you might be able to do almost all the work yourself, you may have to hire a professional for some aspects.

Don't be afraid of getting expert advice if you have questions. It is always better to do it right the first time.


Your first step is to consider the function of the room. What exactly will you be doing in this room? Do you eat in your kitchen, or in a dining room? Some people get dressed in their bathroom, while others put on clothing in their bedrooms.

Make a list of all the activities you perform in the room. Prioritize this list from most important to least important.

Upon finishing this list, figure out the items you need to store in your bathroom or kitchen. Do you really need to have the washer and dryer near your kitchen or bathroom? Can you create a closet in your bathroom?

Next, create a floor plan. Think about your traffic pattern as you complete tasks. When you are tired from a hard day, you will be glad you thought ahead.

Some people use their kitchen to entertain guests. If that is your preference, include it in your floor plan. You might want to add a bar or table for entertaining.

Everyone wishes that they had more storage space, so be sure to build it into your design.


Look for inspiration. Leaf through home design magazines to find appealing designs. Make notes on what you like most about each design scheme.

Also consider watching home design shows or looking on the Internet. You can often find the most up-to-date information from those sources.

If you are redecorating to sell your home, keep in mind what future homeowners may enjoy. In the kitchen, consider using stainless steel appliances. They usually are easy to clean.

Neutral flooring is always a good option. These floor coverings consist of sustainable, low-maintenance material. They are a good choice for any kitchen or bathroom.

Neutral paint may open up opportunities for a variety of decorating options. It could make it easier to change the decor in the future. If you sell your home, it allows potential buyers to visualize their own preferences in that space.

Of course, any room you design must be coordinated with the design of other rooms in your home. If your house has a contemporary, modern, traditional or Asian style design, you will want the kitchen and bath to blend with that decor.

Experts suggest that you spend most of your money on countertops. It is often a focal point in any room.

Small accent pieces can also help boost your design. Pick unique pieces that display your personality.


Remodeling can be expensive. Experts recommend you spend up to 20 percent of your home’s value on remodeling the kitchen, and less than that on remodeling the bath.

You can save money by adding a coat of fresh paint to your current kitchen cabinets or installing energy efficient appliances. Leave some room in your budget to hire a professional to do electrical and plumbing work, along with other chores you are uncomfortable with doing yourself. It will save you money in the long run.

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